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Fiddling Friday midnight
Playing airs and jigs A round of verses and choruses Halls, rooms, pubs and clubs Connisborough Castle, Kirk Sandal, Denaby Main, Grandmas in walkers, kids in wedding shoes Men with pints, buying shorts for the ladies Orange, purple, gold, glitter Sunday bests, going-out-outfits Heavy chains, chain-strap handbags Jaden tattooed on a man’s arm in fairground typeface.
The songs like hymns Black Velvet Band, Galway Shawl, Wild Rover Mixed with 80’s saw Doctors and Pogues Requests from ladies to click up their heels to Half-remembered Irish dance steps from their 12th year Men happy to watch and sing along Young girls mixing line dancing, Irish dance, ballet Wild swinging and harmonic singing.
Through it all I stand I fiddle, Two hours, three hours, five hours I just keep going, just keep playing Don’t forget the bridge, keep playing it if Ged forgets the next verse A short instrumental is required while Christian and Benedict jog their memories for the lyrics Keep on it Keep awake Chris…