Children of Lir
Where you come in at is where you stay The children of Lir are mute as they fly over lakes  and see swans reflected in their obsidian depths. The world doesn’t turn on a pin Decades have passed in silent gliding.
The hated King in the coffin at the front Will always be there. The daughter silently kissing the coffin Is a Greek tragedy And we are the chorus.
As she spins her yarn of dandelion clocks,  weaves and sews shirts  in voiceless vow.
Her promise,  to make good the transformation at the predestined time.
Speaking not a word in the face of accusation As her own children are stolen.
The stake and pyre are banked up A whole day and evening has passed now.
Five men in gossamer shirts walk from the funeral with their sister singing The Green and Red of Mayo quietly to themselves  putting out the singed hem of her gown.
The child with one good arm  and one swan’s wing Swings on cross gates.

Image wiki commons: Achill Head Co Mayo 1890 20 bar Gate Newmarket

The Wish Bone Rag by Charlotte Blake (1909, Ragtime piano)

Wish Bone

This is not going to work if you don’t open up she thought Shame. Let me in, but you shake your head - no.
This is really not going to happen if you keep closing your lips into an invisible hard line Fold me your arms like the gathering of white sheets on laundry day Crisp paper folds in the midsummer scorch.
A dancer’s wrist A Robin’s tarsometatarsus dressed in fine silver bangles Snapped across your turkey wish bone Little fingers wrapped Winning, winning, winning… Then crack, Hollow bone tear in ragged, needle sharp filaments.
Close yourself up Lock yourself inside a bear trap, Laid in A well deeply Dug by a young boy In a dark forest Covered in bracken. No one knows Or comprehends what is going on in your special head. - wishbone Rag
Image wiki commons - Wish Bone Rag 1909 composed by Charlotte Blake

The Academia Game
Caught into the whirlpool of Abstract Mode. She was writing abstracts for work, for admission to conferences for competitions and exhibitions.
Became so abstracted that she became very good at writing these paragraph length bite size chunks of research concentrated information.
She forgot how to write deep, how to write long and how to write wide.
She is in the research zone but so far away from a conclusion of any kind, a standing up stance of any sort or a side to come down on.
She is with it but running to catch up collecting seeds of information all useful stuff and gathering it into her research basket, only to throw it away over her shoulder as she moves on to other seeds.
Jumping to catch a glimpse over a tall crowd of authors and thinkers She thinks she is getting it but is it just the foot of an elephant?
image: wiki commons , the Walk of Ideas Berlin.
Dream poem 115; Knife dream
She perpetrator and victim of her own actions. Horror and anguish, pain and fear spring from her deeds. She is the sharp instrument of her own sorrow.
She Tool of utility Mechanism of symbolism, Contrivance of ritual, Medium of ceremony, Agent of threat.
She Expression of her own exasperation Her inner strength deflects the double edged blade Her resolve keeps her from flinching.

Dream Poem 101: Tight With Grips
The pen has fallen between the twin-beds. she rolls over and fishes her arm down between them feeling for it.
The sun is so bright through the window Winter bright Low Far Cold sun light.
The beds are covered in a pale blue nylon counterpane with a gauzy nylon flounce very 1970’s.
Her black hair has been swizzled up at the sides Tight with grips. Se has a ballet class to go to.
In a shop looking for an outfit for ballet class her clothes aren’t suitable. In the girl-teen section children are eyeing her suspiciously.
She has to go But gets into an argument with a man on the way out. He is a Show-Room car actor.
From above the controller peers through one way mirrors In the control room observing groups of people Down below Power games Factions.
The rule is  you must meet your girlfriend on school reunion day Within the city limits of a Derbyshire village.
He is beaten for his transgressions of having a girlfriend not from the village not met…
Fried Kudzu

All the trees are dressed Pelaw and Fellgate pass in a flurry of blossoms and verdant fields, lush hedgerows  and a sudden green overwhelming of street lights with foliage.
In the Carolinas the kudzu at this time of year would wantonly climb pylons snaking out onto electric wires like tightrope walkers in their desperation to reach and strive upwards and onwards.
Self-destructing strangle-vines.
The very thing they are best at asphyxiating has ended up being the petard by which they are hung. Unstoppable in their headlong shoot to doom. Path to annihilation.
Perhaps they hope to take out the whole of Marvin or Waxhaw with their last strangling gasp before they are fried and frazzled by Duke Electric.

Images wiki commons: Photographs in the Carol M. Highsmith Archive, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division 1980 tepegraph poles 1922 Newberry south carolina ca. 1922 - ca. 1953) Title Newberry County, SouthCarolinaKudzu being planted on unproductive …